• Ancora una volta
  • Viva la vita
  • Un’ultima primavera
  • Sempre
  • Zonti
  • Momento
  • La tinta del mio mondo
  • Dentro un sogno
  • After all
  • Pioggia su di noi
  • Terra
  • Viva la vita (alternative version)

Some of you metal lovers may know Laura Macrì as one of the vocalists of Dutch Death metal band MAYAN or as the girlfriend of EPICA’s and MAYAN’s Mark Jansen. But what most metal fans don’t know is that Laura is a professional Opera singer who has graduated cum laude from the Vincenzo Bellini Conservatory in Caltanissetta Sicily in Italy. “Terra” isn’t a metal album at all but a good example of classical modern Italian songwriting by a.o. Roberto Macrì, Laura’s brother who is a classical pianist.